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Care and Comfort

Pain Free Visits

Our patients are able to nominate the degree of assistance they require to make their time in the chair as pain free and relaxing as possible.

For some, this may be as simple as listening to their choice of music through headphones (this isolates the patient from any noise), watching television or a music video. Others may prefer to have nitrous oxide (happy gas) administered. Nitrous oxide is a wonderful adjunct to any procedure and allows a more relaxed state, with no hangover at the end. The effects of nitrous oxide are gone before you leave the chair. Nitrous oxide is safe and effective for use with children. Local anaesthetic injections expertly administered are a painless way to ensure no discomfort is felt during a procedure. For those patients who are extra anxious and would prefer not to know what is happening, intravenous sedation or “twilight sedation” can be administered by a qualified and experienced medical practitioner; this is called sleep dentistry.

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