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Flossing: Minimising the Risk Factor

Why to is Flossing Important | Flossing Teeth Effectively | Sailors Bay Dentistry

Comment / Dr Ros Davis It would appear that people are really thrilled that they may not need to floss their teeth! There have been articles left, right, and centre following the breaking news that there may be no good evidence that flossing our teeth has any benefit. If you are not familiar with t... Continue reading

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When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time

Experts recommend taking your child to see the dentist for the first time when their first tooth becomes visible or when they reach 12 months of age – whichever comes first. If your child has an accident or you are worried about the look of anything in their mouth, you should bring them as s... Continue reading

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Dental Anxiety

Someone with dental anxiety

Are you nervous about visiting the dentist? Think you're alone? You're definitely not! In fact, the results from a study published in the Australian Dental Journal 2006, suggest that nearly one in five Australians have dental phobia. For many patients, these fears were formed during childhood. Pe... Continue reading

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Our Theory on Flossing

How to floss

Comment / Dr Ros Davis Many of you would have read the recent article in The Guardian - we know because we've been asked lots of questions about it! To put it simply, the article basically says that there is no good evidence that flossing is beneficial, and that the US government has dropped its re... Continue reading

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Thumb Sucking

Why Do Children Suck Their Thumb? Thumb or finger sucking is a common habit amongst children. The compulsion to suck is often comforting for the child, and can begin in-utero or when they are very young. Prior to the age of five or six, thumb sucking is not concerning. However, after this age the a... Continue reading

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Why Does the Dentist Need to Take Xrays All The Time?

Dental X Rays

Compared to dental appointments of the past, “x-rays” or “radiographs” seem to happen a lot more frequently. Some people have heard that dentists just take them because they can charge the patient for them, or claim them for money from the health funds. This could not be furt... Continue reading

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Why Do I Keep Hearing About Triclosan In The News?

Lady brushes her teeth with toothpaste.

There has been a lot of media coverage lately regarding Triclosan and its harmful effects on humans. Triclosan is a chemical compound which is a key ingredient in soap, as well as toothpaste. The US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) ruled in September, 2016, that Triclosan be removed from all ov... Continue reading

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What Is A Dental Implant?

Elderly couple with dental implants smiling.

Perhaps you have a friend who is getting a missing tooth replaced, or you’ve seen the advertisements in the newspaper for a whole new set of teeth. You have heard the term “dental implant” bandied around, but have no idea what they are and how they could possibly work. Read on for ... Continue reading

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Does my child need a mouthguard?


Only if you want to protect their front teeth from a lifetime of dental work! One in five children suffer trauma to their adult teeth, and the peak time for this is when they start playing sport, around eight to ten years of age. The upper front teeth are the most commonly damaged. The dental profe... Continue reading

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Lost a tooth? Here are some of your options

Lost a tooth? Here are some of your options

I lost a tooth – how do I get a new one? In this day and age, many of us expect to keep all of our teeth for the course of our natural life. In some circumstances, though, a tooth is lost prematurely. At this time, the individual is faced with a decision – do I leave the gap where the t... Continue reading

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