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Preventive Dentistry

My Dentist Mentioned That I've Been Grinding My Teeth!.

The Impact of Tooth GrindingTooth grinding, or bruxism, is one of the common dental problem – It’s thought that about five percent of the population are regular forceful tooth grinders. [1,] [2] Though, many of them may be completely unaware of their habit as it usually happens when they are asleep......
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Flossing: Minimising the Risk Factor.

Comment / Dr Ros DavisIt would appear that people are really thrilled that they may not need to floss their teeth! There have been articles left, right, and centre following the breaking news that there may be no good evidence that flossing our teeth has any benefit. If you are not familiar with thi.....
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Our Theory on Flossing.

Comment / Dr Ros DavisMany of you would have read the recent article in The Guardian - we know because we've been asked lots of questions about it! To put it simply, the article basically says that there is no good evidence that flossing is beneficial, and that the US government has dropped its recomm.....
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Dental Anxiety.

Are you nervous about visiting the dentist? Think you're alone? You're definitely not! In fact, the results from a study published in the Australian Dental Journal 2006, suggest that nearly one in five Australians have dental phobia.For many patients, these fears were formed during childhood. People.....
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