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General Dentistry

Why Does the Dentist Need to Take Xrays All The Time?

Dental X Rays

Compared to dental appointments of the past, “x-rays” or “radiographs” seem to happen a lot more frequently. Some people have heard that dentists just take them because they can charge the patient for them, or claim them for money from the health funds. This could not be furt... Continue reading

Tags:  Preventive Dentistry

Why Do I Keep Hearing About Triclosan In The News?

Lady brushes her teeth with toothpaste.

There has been a lot of media coverage lately regarding Triclosan and its harmful effects on humans. Triclosan is a chemical compound which is a key ingredient in soap, as well as toothpaste. The US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) ruled in September, 2016, that Triclosan be removed from all ov... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health

Do I need my wisdom tooth out?

Should I take my wisdom teeth out

First of all, what is a wisdom tooth? We all have a first molar (commonly known as the “six-year-old molar” because of when it typically appears in the mouth), a second molar (the “twelve-year-old molar”), and many of us have third molars (the wisdom tooth). These teeth make... Continue reading


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