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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a $2.7 billion measure that will provide a Commonwealth funded capped benefit entitlement for basic dental services for children.

Around 3.4 million children aged 2-17 in families who meet a means test will be eligible for benefits each year. This means test will be the same as the old Medicare Teen Dental Plan (MTDP), which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A or other certain government payments.

What Treatment is Included in the Program?

Services for basic dental treatment, such as check-ups, x-rays, fillings and extractions will be included in the CDBS. Cosmetic and orthodontic treatment are not included. The total benefit entitlement will be capped at $1000 per child over a two year period, however eligibility will need to be determined annually.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for the CDBS?

The Australian Government will write to eligible children or their families each year to confirm eligibility.

Children aged 2 to 17 who meet certain means testing criteria are eligible for the CDBS. Families eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A (FTB-A) or certain other government payments will be able to take advantage of the CDBS.

Eligibility is determined each calendar year however funds are valid for two calendar years. As the payment of benefits will be administered through Medicare, using details held by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, you should ensure that your details are up to date if you think you or your child may be eligible.

  • To update your details with Medicare, phone the patient helpline on 132 150.
  • For FTB-A matters, phone Centrelink on 136 150.
  • To contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs, phone 1332 254.

To learn more, please contact us or visit the Department of Health's website here.

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Corporate Dental Program

Corporate Dental Program

Along with Dental Care Network™ we are offering the Corporate Dental Program, a zero-cost, zero-admin employee benefit scheme which provides you with exclusive benefits for dental treatment if you are an employee of one of our partnered corporate programs.

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