Charter of Patient Rights
Your Rights What This Means
Appointments Sailors Bay Dentistry aims to provide patients with appointments to meet their treatment needs.
Safety Sailors Bay Dentistry aims to provide dental services in a safe, secure and supportive environment.
Respect Sailors Bay Dentistry values all patients as a unique person and hopes that at all times we provide dental treatment in a manner that is respectful of their culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.

Sailors Bay Dentistry respects the patient’s right to receive adequate information to make an informed decision regarding their health and healthcare.

Informed Consent Sailors Bay Dentistry respects the right of patients to be involved in the decision and choices about their treatment to be fully informed about risks, benefits, options and costs.
Privacy Patients at Sailors Bay Dentistry can expect that their personal, health and other information will be collected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with Privacy Laws and that the information will remain confidential unless the law allows discussion or the patient directs release of the information.
Comment Patients are encouraged to provide both negative and positive feedback.  Any concerns or complaints will be dealt with properly and within 21 days
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