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Start Your Children's Dental Check-up Habit Early


The team at Sailors Bay welcomes your whole family! We're here to look after your child's oral health, but we also aim to give them a warm, positive experience and help them develop good dental habits for a lifetime. We want to show them that going to the dentist doesn't have to be scary! 

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The Hard Facts

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) half of all Australian children by age 6 will have tooth decay.

Typically, when we speak of dental health we turn to the awkward adolescence years of orthodontics, plaque build-up and misaligning adult teeth, however the main message we want to get across is that tooth decay, gum disease and most adult dental health problems are completely preventable.

We believe that educating children and their parents will raise awareness about the importance of good dental health. Habits form at the top, hence we must practice what we preach, and as parents we need to be sharing good dental habits and conducting positive behavioural changes. Developing good habits from an early age along with regular visits to the dentist will help children get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums and greatly improve a child’s overall health and wellbeing.

Preventing decay by establishing good brushing and flossing habits at an early age will keep visits to the dentist short and painless and help prevent future costly treatments.

What Can I Do As a Parent?

There are a number of things parents can do at home. Most importantly children need to brush twice daily, morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed. As well as flossing before bedtime.

Younger children may not have the skills to brush on their own. Parents should be watching and helping the child to brush and floss on a daily basis to confirm they’re cleaning properly. Also establishing the same routine will set a good example for the children to follow.

  • Teeth should be brushed for at least two minutes each time. To help children learn the correct amount of time they need to spend brushing, try setting an egg timer or stop watch. It is important that they learn to brush all tooth surfaces properly including the gums and the dentist will spend some time instructing children in the proper techniques to use during the maintenance visit.
  • Flossing is also very important for older children and needs to be done once a day before brushing before bedtime. Flossing helps to remove food that gets stuck between teeth and reaches into spaces that your toothbrush can’t.

Why should we worry about our children’s gum disease and tooth decay?

Learning the correct techniques from an early age with the combination of daily flossing and twice daily brushing will set up a lifetime of good habits and help prevent chronic issues with the teeth and gums in later childhood, teen years and adult life.

Undiagnosed and untreated decay can cause pain and make it more difficult for children to chew and eat and may lead to abscess and infection that can potentially spread elsewhere. Children have a hard time concentrating when in pain and may find it hard to stay focused at school when experiencing discomfort from dental pain and gum issues.


When Should We Start Bringing Our Children to the Dentist?

Children can start coming to see the dentist with their mother, father, grandparents and even older siblings from as young as 3 -4 years. They can have a ride in the dentist’s chair to get them familiar and comfortable with the environment. From around 3 -4 years of age they should start having regular check-ups, usually every 6 months. This will start the ball rolling on their education process, building good habits, as well as trust and respect for the dentist and the advice being given. It will also help to identify possible dental problems in the early stages.

Children’s baby teeth are essential for chewing and speaking properly and for maintaining space for the eventual permanent teeth to erupt into their proper positions. Otherwise permanent teeth may come in crooked and crowded. These issues can be identified by your dentist at these early check-ups.

Preventing Tooth Decay and Gum Disease for Children

There are other preventative things that can be done at the dentist to help your child’s teeth. Fissure sealing can help prevent decay as it is applied to the grooves and pits on top of the teeth to create a barrier of protection. It is also common for children up to 18 years of age to receive a fluoride application during their regular maintenance visit.

At home, parents can establish healthy eating habits for their children by ensuring they eat a balanced diet made up from the five major food groups. Sugar and sugary drinks are the major cause of tooth decay and should be limited or avoided where possible if the teeth can’t be rinsed or cleaned after eating these foods.

Dental decay is caused by bacteria and the sugars from certain foods and drinks. This residue on the teeth forms into plaque which eats into the teeth resulting in holes and decay. Hence, encouraging your children to eat healthy snacks is essential to good dental hygiene.

Your Dentist's Tip: Rinsing With Water after Eating Is a Good Habit to Get Into.

Sailors Bay Dentistry - Experienced Children's Dentist

Your child’s time in the dentist’s chair should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. At Sailors Bay Dentistry, our state of the art world class facilities has been designed to make your time with us as pleasant as possible. All surgeries are equipped with a television to watch on the ceiling or they can listen to their choice of music through headphones that will block out any outside noise.

While waiting for the dentist, children can relax and play in our dedicated children’s playroom equipped with 3 iPads loaded with lots fun games. For the littlies a large table full of Lego and a selection of books and soft toys to help them relax while waiting. Our younger patients will also receive their very own Sailors Bay Dentistry passport to record their visits with the dentist and they will receive a small gift at each visit.

The clinical team is headed up by the 2 Principal Dentists Dr. Alan Riley and Dr. Huntley Dunne who share a long history of exemplary service in the Northbridge area.

Oral Health Therapists

Kathrine Supan - RDH BOH

Kathrine grew up in Sydney but gained her qualifications as an Oral Health Therapist in New Zealand in 2011.

Her role as an Oral Health Therapist specialises in looking after all the preventive dentistry for children under 18 years of age including regular check ups, scale and cleans, flouride treatment, fillings and fissure sealants. She also sees adults as an hygienist for maintenance of periodontal gum health.

Kathrine strongly believes that oral health should be part of the education curriculum in Primary and High schools to educate and make kid’s more aware of the importance of maintaining good oral health.

Miryam Candela - ROHT BOH

The newest member of the hygiene team is a familiar face in the practice. Miryam has worked at SBD for many years as a DA while she has been training as an oral health therapist. All the children that know Miryam just love her and she is now taking appointments for oral health therapy treatments for children and regular hygiene appointments for adults.

We are delighted to have Miryam join Kathrine to enable your children to get the very best advice and care of their oral health needs.

Your Children’s Dental Health is Very Important to Us

We believe in establishing sound oral health practices at an early age and continually reinforcing them so that they become part of everyday behaviour.

It is ideal to start children on a regular 6 monthly maintenance routine, bringing them in for a check-up and clean from around age 3 - 4.

The dentist will also advise appropriate techniques for brushing and flossing with advice on how to establish good oral hygiene routines for home. The dentist will also be able to identify and address any other dental issues that may potentially cause health problems in the future.

Sailors Bay Dentistry would like to ensure that children’s dental check-ups are as affordable as possible.

Corporate Dental Program

Corporate Dental Program

Along with Dental Care Network™ we are offering the Corporate Dental Program, a zero-cost, zero-admin employee benefit scheme which provides you with exclusive benefits for dental treatment if you are an employee of one of our partnered corporate programs.

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