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Cosmetic Dentistry Northbridge

Cosmetic dentistry is focused on treatments which improve and restore the natural shape, colour and beauty of your teeth. With the many advancements in cosmetic dentistry, our team at Sailors Bay Dentistry now utilise a mixture of both science and art to create natural looking teeth with realistic shape and colour. Some of the treatments we offer include filling gaps and cracks, restoring broken and chipped teeth, reshaping uneven teeth, stain removal and teeth whitening, placing veneers on teeth, replacing old silver fillings with white fillings and placing of dental implants, crowns and bridges.

Sailors Bay Dentistry have many experienced dentists that have a wealth of experience and are passionate about cosmetics and restorative dental procedures such as dental implants and crowns and bridge treatments.

Effective Orthodontic Treatments Available at Our Practice

We have an orthodontic specialist, Dr Ross Adams, at the Practice two days a week. Dr Adams is available for conventional brace consultations and fittings, for both adults and children. He is available Wednesdays and Fridays for your convenience and a referral isn’t necessary. Just call to make a time for an initial consultation.

Dr Jeffrey Albert and Dr Alan Riley are also available for Invisalign orthodontic treatment options. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic application for both adults and children alike that offer an invisible alternative to conventional braces. Make an appointment to see if Invisalign can work for you!

Ultimately, you express yourself through your smile which helps capture the essence of your personality. It is often one of the first things people will notice about you and helps you communicate how you feel. A subtle change can often make a noticeable difference to the way you look and feel. If you are finding that you are self-conscious about your smile, a dental consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists may be the first step you take toward a radiant new smile.

The range of cosmetic treatments available at Sailors Bay Dentistry:

Looking For a Reliable Cosmetic Dentist in Sydney?

To find more information on our extensive range of cosmetic treatments, call our friendly team at Sailors Bay Dentistry on (02) 9958 0400 or fill out our contact form so we can get in touch with you.

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Corporate Dental Program

Corporate Dental Program

Along with Dental Care Network™ we are offering the Corporate Dental Program, a zero-cost, zero-admin employee benefit scheme which provides you with exclusive benefits for dental treatment if you are an employee of one of our partnered corporate programs.