Dentistry isn’t just about clean teeth, it is about maintaining health. “Are you aware that there is an association between gum disease with cardiovascular conditions, premature birth rates, oral cancer and chronic inflammatory disease” says Dr Dylan Lin Sailors Bay Dentistry’s new Associate Dentist.*

Oral Health

The health of our Patients is our primary concern and we are passionate about helping our Patients achieve optimal health. It is for this reason that we have partnered with qualified nutritionist – Virginnia from Nourishing Pantry to create a new series of brochures designed to offer tips and ideas on oral health and healthy eating and how the two go hand in hand.

There are 5 brochures in the series and each focuses on a different stage in life starting with Pregnancy, Kids, Athletes, ideas to help avoid Acid Reflux and eating well and oral health As We Age.

The brochures give great information from the Dentists on maintaining good oral health and Virginnia explains how diet plays a critical role in reducing the incidence of decay and therefore preserving your oral health.

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*According to research conducted by Professor Eric Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Co-operative Research Centre at University of Melbourne.

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