Intra Oral Camera

The Intra Oral Camera is loved by or patients. It allows you to see exactly what we are talking about in regards to your teeth. The camera is mounted in a small tube which is easily moved around your mouth while you watch live on the screen, allowing you to see your teeth up close and view the problem areas being explained by our dentists. It allows us to give you a guided tour of your own teeth.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

Today with the use of high resolution computer screens and ultra sensitive sensors, we can take a simple X ray, and see the result in just 5 seconds on our screen. All this at some 90% reduction in dosage from the previously used high speed films. Your X ray is blown up to fill a computer screen and can be viewed from where you sit. They can also be digitally enhanced to show otherwise hidden problems.

Teneo Dental Chairs - The innovation class.

Our new Teneo dental chairs are innovative when it comes to the comfort of our patients. The Teneo design represents elgenace and stability, and has received numerous awards from international juries.

The benefits to our patients are high levels of comfort through the built-in lumbar support function, along with an ideal spinal support structure. The anatomically designed shape of the upholstery also positions the patient in a way that allows greater ease for both dentist and patient during the appointment. Best of all the chair can be adjusted for individual comfort requirements, and also has a massage function for longer procedures.

3-D Modelling – DVT (Digital Volumetric Tomography)

At Sailors Bay we have pioneered the use of. Sailors Bay Dentistry was one of the first private practices in Australia to have one of these units installed. This has become an integral part of our patient scanning system for general 5 yearly scans. It is also used for specialised views when it comes to implants, impacted wisdom teeth, endodontic scans and any unusual symptoms, allowing us to diagnose and rule out a vast array of pathology.

With implants we can plan a ‘Virtual Surgery’ to aid in fuss free, accurate and safe placement of distal implants.

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