Which Type Of Dental Implant Is Right For You?

A dental implant can also be called an artificial tooth root. The titanium post is designed to hold a replacement tooth firmly in position, the same way a natural tooth root does. If you are missing one or more teeth due to injury or gum disease, a dental implant treatment offers a modern restorative option that looks, feels and functions like your own natural teeth.

Rooted in the bone, dental implants provide a strong and secure base that can hold single or multiple prosthetic teeth – even a full arch of permanent dentures. Here are some of the different types available:

Single Tooth Replacement

Do not ignore a single missing tooth as merely an aesthetic concern. Even if the gap is not visible, a missing tooth can place more stress on neighbouring teeth, leading to their abnormal growth and bone loss. A single tooth is designed to hold the ceramic crown, which is an artificial tooth that mimics the shape, size and colour of your original tooth. Replacing your damaged or missing tooth, the dental crown blends seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth to restore your beautiful smile.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

If you are missing several adjacent teeth, you can replace them with an implant-supported bridge. This relatively affordable option consists of the dental bridge along with dental implants and abutments.

Natural looking and fully functional, dental implant bridges are fused to the jawbone via firmly anchored titanium “root-like” posts for unprecedented stability and strength. Unlike a conventional bridge, dental implant bridges do not rely on the adjacent teeth for support, hence do not wear down healthy natural teeth.

The bridge is designed to fit into the precise location of the missing teeth. Mimicking the shape, size and shade of natural teeth, the implant-supported bridge will enhance the aesthetics of your smile with an exacting restoration. The “rooted” bridge allows you to chew, smile and speak the same way as you do with natural teeth.

All On Four

All-on-4 is a revolutionary implant system that makes it possible for you to receive a permanent tooth replacement solution in a single dental appointment. Incorporating the use of uniquely designed implants, the All on Four procedure uses less implants than generally required – in many cases, only 4 implants are inserted. With this breakthrough innovation, it takes days, instead of months, to regain the function and beauty of your smile. More importantly, All on Four implants provide the same robustness and stability that you get from traditional implant techniques.


Unlike conventional removable dentures, implant-supported dentures allow wearers to eat, chew and speak the same as they would with natural teeth. You no longer have to fear the denture adhesives failing at a moment’s notice, causing your removable dentures to slip or slide. Offering a permanent teeth replacement solution, dental implants placed in the jaw can support or retain either a full or partial denture. They are typically recommended for edentulous patients who have enough bone in their jaws to support the implant.

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